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30 Oct

A weekend with Superdry

super 1

This weekend I decided to take four of my favourite winter jackets from the Superdry collection, for a ‘spin around my neck of the woods’, in East London. I’ve long been a fan of this British brand, and i’ve loved seeing the brand grow over the last few years, along with the recent release of their most premium jackets ever. The jackets themselves feel very understated and more minimalistic in their style, plus Superdry have still managed to keep the fabrics very technical and comfortable to wear. They are all super stylish, and the majority of them are extremely weatherproof .

I see winter coats as ‘investment pieces’, as they usually cost a little more then your everyday items, but at this time of year they will be on show much more than most other items in your wardrobe. Personally i like to invest in a new jacket every winter, as well as looking after my old ones, so that i can mix things up and wear them in rotation.

Here are four key types of winter jacket for every modern man; mixed up in different styles to suit every dress code.

The Trench Coat

super 2


super 3


Suede Biker Jacket 

super 5



Everest Parker Jacket 

super 7




super 11


Wax Trials Jacket 

super 13


J82B9784  to see there latest collection