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12 Dec

New york city cops, they’re not that smart.

best ny
With my latest blog post taking shape on the mean streets of New York, I really wanted the style to emulate bits from the film fight club and the character Tyler Durden, without outright copying them. All my looks from the shoot I built around a pair of green tracksuit trousers from ZARA. I think this style of trousers will be one of the most worn garments of next year for men. I also found out it was the biggest selling trouser in the woman's wear department of Zara but they were red and not green. I've always said and felt that trends start in the womans world of fashion first and slowly move to us men. I also want...
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4 Dec

Jamaican Edit

jam 3
On my first visit to Jamaica I really did fall in love with the place.  The people, food, style, dancing and whole culture were all what I expected and more.  The style of the island people was very relaxed and chilled with big pops of colour for most outfits, and a very relaxed fit.  They are all super friendly and have a real love for life -  I wanted to embrace the style and general feel of the island and its people. I spent most of my time in swim shorts and flip flops and kept it playful with colour pops or patterns. The people of the island loved to rock clashing pattens and I really wanted to also, as it's going to be...
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3 Nov

Postcard from Positano

Last week I travelled to the picturesque town of Positano on the Amalfi coast, with Being surrounded by such beauty and style it brought back some amazing memories of one of my favourite films, “The Talented Mr Ripley”. I would go as far as saying, this film was the starting point for my love of style and menswear. In the film, Jude Law looked so at ease and cool in his summer time tailoring, it really opened up my eyes to what the right outfit can do for someone. The suits were tailored to perfection but still looked chilled thrown on over a t-shirt, matched with a pair of white sneakers and a silk scarf. The tones were always...
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30 Oct

A weekend with Superdry

super 1
This weekend I decided to take four of my favourite winter jackets from the Superdry collection, for a ‘spin around my neck of the woods’, in East London. I’ve long been a fan of this British brand, and i’ve loved seeing the brand grow over the last few years, along with the recent release of their most premium jackets ever. The jackets themselves feel very understated and more minimalistic in their style, plus Superdry have still managed to keep the fabrics very technical and comfortable to wear. They are all super stylish, and the majority of them are extremely weatherproof . I see winter coats as ‘investment pieces’, as they usually cost a little more then your everyday items, but at...
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21 Oct

Colour on the streets

street 2
As the days get shorter and nights colder, men usually turn to darker shades to rock during these months. Orange leather jackets aren't usually on the agenda so I want to show you how easy it is to pull off these out of the box colours by mixing them with neutral day to day tones I wear often and feel comfy in. By keeping everything else very safe you can drop a big hit of colour which can make the whole outfit pop. Try it with a pair of red trainers and the rest of the outfit black or grey. It will draw your eyes to the key piece. LOOK Dior Homme bomber jacket - Uniqlo hoodie -Nike swoosh Tshirt - COS trousers - Axel...
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