1. A Motor Is Stopped At A Red Light.when The Light Tums Green The Motor Bike Spe…

1. a motor is stopped at a red light.when the light tums green the motor bike speed up to 80 m/s in 5 what is the acceleration of motor bike?​


The acceleration of the motorbike can be calculated using the formula:

acceleration = (final velocity – initial velocity) / time

Here, the initial velocity of the motorbike is zero (since it is stopped) and the final velocity is 80 m/s. The time taken to reach this final velocity is 5 seconds. Substituting these values in the formula, we get:

acceleration = (80 m/s – 0) / 5 s = 16 m/s^2

Therefore, the acceleration of the motorbike is 16 m/s^2.

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