1.straight Leg Trousers 2.gaucho Trouser 3.boot Cut Trouser 4.ski…

1.straight leg trousers

2.gaucho trouser

3.boot cut trouser

4.skinny trousers

5.dropped trouser

6.wide leg trousers


1. Straight leg jeans have the same width from the knee to the leg opening hence the “straight” effect. They’re perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go to the skinny jean extreme, but still want that stream lined effect.

2. Gaucho pants are wide-legged trousers for women with a cuff that ends around mid calf. Taking their name from pants once worn by South American cowboys, they were in style for a brief period in the early to mid-1970s.

3. Boot-cut jeans are denim pants that are tailored straight from waist to the knee and then slightly wider to the ankle. They were influenced by trousers that were worn by sailors in the 1850s which were designed for them so they would allow wearing of the boots without much problem.

4. Skinny trousers for women for every event. Cigarette and skinny trouser styles are some of the most flattering options around this season.

5. dropped trouser lower one’s pants, typically in a public setting. I know you’re drunk, but you can’t drop your trousers out here! The doctor asked me to drop my trousers .

6. wide leg trousers The relaxed, yet dramatic look has been featured on the runways for a few seasons now from designers like The Row to Louis Vuitton to Jacquemus. The best wide-leg trousers for women from designer brands that demonstrate how to wear the big fashion trend of fall 2021

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