1.Is Performed Or Composed For Religious Gatherings And Fellowship A. Sacred…

1.Is performed or composed for religious gatherings and fellowship

a. Sacred Music

c. Liturgical Music

b. Secular Music

d. Folksong

2. in also known as an indigenous or traditional music which uses simple melodies

a. Sacred music

c. Devotional music

b. Secular music

d. Folksong

3. Which of the following is not true about folksong?

a. Folksong uses simple melodies

b. Folksong reflect the everyday activities of the people c. Folksong accompanies religious observances and rituals

d. Folksong shows a specific topic that has a short and simple theme that conveys the people’s emotions. thoughts, and ideas

is a non-religious music.

a Seared music

c. Liturgical music

b. Secular music


is a traditional Tagalog folk song, work song

e. Leron, Leron Sinta b Bahay Kubo

c. Sitsiritsit

d. Si Pelimon

6. It tells of a small hut with a variety of vegetables surrounding

a Leron, Leron Sinta b. Bahay Kubo

d. Si Pelimon

7. What is English term for/ of Kyrie Eleison? Glory to God

c. Holy

b Lord of Mercy

d. Creed

8 What is Tagalog term of Latin-word “Credo”? a Panginoon maawa ka c. Santo

b Papuri sa Diyos

d. Sumasampalataya

is the Latin word for Holy

a Kyrie Eleison

c. Sanctuss

b Gloria 10. The following are an example of Folksong except

d. Credo

Bahay Kubo b. Sitairitait

c. Si Pelimon

d. Dungawin Mo Hirang 11. Which of the following is not an example of Sacred Music?

a Glory to God

c. Kundiman

b Santo

d. Creed 12. Which of the following is not true about sacred music? a Sacred it music is holy music

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b. Sacred music is composed for religious fellowship

e Sacred music is non-religious in nature d. Sacred music is music that are usually song at church

13. The word secular means

Being separate from religion

b. Being associated with religion c. Religious

d. None of the above

50 points plss​


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