4. The Corals Receive Oxygen From The Algae; The Algae Get Prot…

4. The corals receive oxygen from the algae; the algae get protection from them.
This relationship is an example of
A. Competition B. Predation
C. Commensalism D. Mutualism
5. When the worm lives in the guts and flesh of fish. The worm is benefitted while the fish is
harmed. This relationship is called
A. Parasitism
B. Predation
C. Mutualism D. Competition
serve as habitat for many animals. They are a breeding ground of marine life. It is
composed of non-living components such as water and sand and living components such as
fish, crustaceans, mollusks, cnidarians, sponges and echinoderms.
A. Forest
B. Underground C. Mangrove D. Mountain
refers to trees that are 130 to 180 feet tall.
C. Forest Floor D. Emergent
B. Understory
A. Canopy
8. It is home to animals like jaguars, tigers and cassowaries which thrive in a deep shade parto
the forest where plant life is thin.
A. Emergent B. Forest Floor
for the consumers which include herbivores-plant eating a​







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