A Small Motor Does 3800J In 25 Seconds. How Much Is The Power Done Of The Motor…

A small motor does 3800J in 25 seconds. How much is the power done of the motor?


The power of an object, given the work W and the time t, is

[tex]\boxed{P = \frac{W}{t}}[/tex]


P = power

W = work

t = time



Listing the given values

W = 3800 J

t = 25 s


Solving for P

[tex]P = \dfrac{W}{t}[/tex]

[tex]P = \dfrac{\text{3800 J}}{\text{25 s}}[/tex]

[tex]\boxed{P = \text{152 W}}[/tex]


Therefore, the power done of the motor is 152 W.



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