Bakit Manok Ang Kinuha Sa Bahay Ni Sisa Noli Me Tangere?

bakit manok ang kinuha sa bahay ni sisa noli me tangere?


the novel “Noli Me Tangere” by Dr. Jose Rizal. In the novel, Sisa’s husband, Diego, frequently spent their household income on alcohol and gambling, leaving their family impoverished and hungry. Sisa, who was striving to provide for their children, decided to buy a live chicken instead of buying already cooked food or meat.

The live chicken’s presence was not only a source of food for their family but also of hope and inspiration, particularly for Sisa’s son, Basilio. The chicken represented resilience and a will to survive despite the family’s adversities.

Moreover, the chicken was also symbolic of the unjust social classes prevalent during that time in the Philippines, wherein Filipino peasants like Sisa’s family were struggling to survive, while the wealthy friars enjoyed luxurious lifestyles.

In summary, the reason why Sisa bought a live chicken instead of buying ready-to-eat food was because they were poor, and she wanted to provide food for her family amidst the struggles. The live chicken also held a symbolic meaning of resilience in the face of hardship.

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