C. For Each Metaphor Given Below, Write What You Think It Means….

C. For each metaphor given below, write what you think it means.
1. A laugh in the sea of sadness –
2. The noise is music to his ears –
3. He swam in the sea of diamonds —
4. His belt was a snake curling around his waist –
5. Love is a growing garland –
6. Your friendship is the picture to my frame –
7. Authority is a chair, it needs legs to stand up –
8. Once your heart been broken it grows back bigger –
9. His hair is a white snowflake and his hair is a messy haystack –
10. He is all heartbroken-​

1. staying positive in difficult times
2. he enjoys the noise/sound
3. the person is enjoying oneself
4. the belt fits the person’s waist perfectly
5. love grows with proper care
6. friendship is an important part of one’s life
7. authority also requires the support of others
8. you become strong after getting your heart broken
9. the person is old and experienced
10. the person is in distress

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