Column A 1. C-Clamp 2. Chalk Line 3. Claw Hammer 4. Drill Bit ,5…

Column A 1. C-Clamp 2. chalk line 3. claw hammer 4. drill bit ,5. ripsaw 6. steel square . 7. varnish 8. apron 9. ruler 10. screwdriver Ity Hotebook. Column B a. measuring tools .b. holding tools _c. driving tools d. testing tools ‘e. tooth-cutting tools f. miscellaneous tools g. Personal Protective Equipment h. portable power tools i. boring tools j. marking lining tools​


1. C-Clamp – b. holding tools

2. chalk line – j. marking lining tools

3. claw hammer – c. driving tools

4. drill bit – i. boring tools

5. ripsaw – e. tooth-cutting tools

6. steel square – a. measuring tools

7. varnish – f. miscellaneous tools

8. apron – g. Personal Protective Equipment

9. ruler – a. measuring tools

10. screwdriver – c. driving tools

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