Directions: Choose The Letter Of The Best Answer. Write The Chosen Letter On A Separat…

Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer. Write the chosen letter on a separate sheet of paper.

_____1. The following are benefits of Dancing Tinikling, except:

A. Improve eye sight

B. Manage your weight

C. Improve Muscle Tone

D. Cardiovascular Endurance

_____2. The following are examples of activities that improve cardiovascular endurance,


A. Zumba

B. Jogging

C. Dancing

D. Playing Chess

_____3. The following are example of Skill-related fitness developed in learning the dance

tinikling, except:

A. Power

B. Balance

C. Speed

D. Body Composition

_____4. The following are skills improved in learning the dance Tinikling, except:

A. Agility

B. Rhythm

C. Running

D. Hand Coordination

_____5. These are locomotor movements used in Tinikling

A. Hopping, jumping, Turning

B. Hopping, Jumping, Walking

C. Jumping, Skipping, Turning

D. Hopping, Galloping, Jumping

_____6. Tinikling Dance improves _________________.

A. Flexibility

B. Muscular strength

C. Muscular endurance

D. Cardiovascular endurance

_____7. What makes Tinikling dance the best form fitness regimen?

A. It improves muscle tone

B. It helps in weight management

C. It improves cardiovascular endurance

D. All of the above

_____8. It is a hand movement used in the dance Tinikling.

A. Jaleo

B. Kewet

C. Kumintang

D. Hayon-hayon

_____9. The dance Tinikling is a dance from which province?

A. Bicol

B. Leyte

C. Bohol

D. Samar

____10. In the dance Tinikling, the Tikling refers to which animal?

A. dog

B. fish

C. bird

D. crocodile

____11. In the dance Tinikling, the dancers wear patadyong or kimono, while the boys wear

Barong _____________.

A. Saya

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B. Bisaya

C. Tagalog

D. Kamison

____12. How many beats are there in a ¾ time signature?

A. one beat

B. two beats

C. three beats

D. four beats

____13. In the dance Tinikling, Music B uses “and” in the count. Where is the “and” located?

A. After ct. 1

B. After ct. 3

C. Before ct. 1

D. Before ct. 3

____14. How many bamboo poles are used in the dance Tinikling?

A. one bamboo pole

B. two bamboo poles

C. three bamboo poles

D. four bamboo poles

____15. Why is it important to know the culture of the dance?

A. to learn patriotism

B. to know the background of the dance

C. to identify the significance of the dance in the culture

D. to learn more about the culture and tradition of the Philippines​