Hola A Todos Me Pueden Decir Cual Es La Respuesta De Personas Especiales…

hola a todos me pueden decir cual es la respuesta de personas especiales​




This is a classic way to greet someone.


It is the shortest way to say hello.


This is another short and casual hello, usually used with someone you know.

Hi there!

Another informal hello, “Hi there!” can be used with someone you know well, like a friend, neighbor or co-worker.

Hey man!

Hey bro!

Hey girl!

Hey dude!

Hey buddy!


Use slang for a casual hello with close friends and acquaintances, but  be careful, not everyone wants to be called “bro” or “girl!”  


people in the South use this as an informal way to say hello.  

Hey y’all!

In the South people use “y’all” to refer to a group of people. It is short for “you all.”


How are you?

This is the most popular way to ask this question.  Sometimes we ask the question “How are you?” indirectly. We do this to be informal. We are signaling comfort with our conversation partner. We are also inviting him or her to answer the question in any way they’d like. This is just another way to ask “How are you?” but more focused on the (recent) past.

How are ya?

We use “ya” instead of “you” to make it less formal.

How are things?

How are things going?

How’s it going?

What’s going on?

How have you been?

How’s everyone?

When we ask about “everyone” we are asking about our conversation partner’s family or friends. It shows your partner that you care about their people.  

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How’s everyone doing?

What’s up?  

What’s up?” and all its variants are slang for “How are you?” Use this mostly with friends.  



What’s happening?

What are you up to these days?

What’s new?

In spanish

hola a todos me pueden decir cual es la respuesta de personas especiales

In english

Hello everyone, can you tell me what is the response of special people

I hope it helps

Eh respuesta de gente especial como le diriamos eso hmmm?

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