Ldentify And Classify The Following Items As To The Different B…

ldentify and classify the following items as to the different basic hand tools and equipment.

• measuring tools
• cutting tools
• driving tools
• holding tools

1. Steel tape-
2. hack saw-
3. adjustable wrench-
4. machinist vise-
5. c-clamp-
6. ballpeen hammer-
7. steel ruler-
8. mill file-
9. chipping hammer-
10. punches-
11. try square-
12. tong-


1.Measuring Tools
2.Cutting tools
3.Driving tools
4.Holding tools
5.Holding Tools
6.Driving tools
7.Measuring Tools
8.Cutting tools
9.Driving tools
10.driving tools
11.Measuring tools
12Holding tools

Thats my Answer hope it helps

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