Name Anthea Moe M. Laro Grade & Sec. 8 ATTENTION: This Is A School PROVOC(…

Name Anthea Moe M. laro Grade & Sec. 8 ATTENTION: This is a School PROVOC(Project Vocabulary Enrichment) to further develop your vocabulary. Give the dictionary meaning of the following science words and use them in a sentence. Give also the tagalog meaning if possible. (To be included in your performance) 1. Increase – Your Sentence Tagalog Meaning: 2. Constant- Your Sentence Tagalog Meaning 3. Bending – Your Sentence Tagalog Meaning​


  1. something that is added to it’s original amount

• Eating unhealthy foods may increase the risk of your health.

• madagdagan/mapunan

2. something that can’t be unchanged

• The temperature must be constant in order to make the goods in the refrigerator good and can be consumed much longer.

• dapat

3. to force the body in a different angle like straight or curve

• You need to exercise and bend your body sometimes to make it flexible.

• pagyuko/Yuko

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