Odd Word Out: Encircle The Wrong Word In The Sentence, 1. Among All Festivals, Sin…

Odd Word Out: Encircle the wrong word in the sentence,

1. Among all festivals, Sinulog is the biggest, widest and longest celebrated in the Philippines.

2. The Dinagyang Festival, the name of which comes from the Tagalog term ‘dagyang’ meaning ‘merrymaking’.

3. Fluvial procession, Kasadyahan Festival and Ati-atihan competition are the three main events of Panagbenga Festival.​



2.Tagalog Term

3.Fluvial procession, Kasadyahan Festival and Ati – Atihan competition


1.The most longest is christmas

2.Because it is a Hiligaynon word that means “merrymaking

3.Because Panagbenga Festival main events are the inaugural parade, the Bazaar, the street dance, and the parade contest as well as the float competition.

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