Quetion About The Conflict Person Vs Person And Person Vs Circumstances…

quetion about the conflict person vs person and person vs circumstances and person vs society and person vs self​


What are some examples of each type of conflict

Person vs person:

– Two characters in a story who are competing for the same goal such as a job or a love interest

– Two characters who have a disagreement or argument over a particular issue

– A protagonist who is being chased or hunted by an antagonist

Person vs circumstances:

– A protagonist who is lost in the wilderness and must find their way back to civilization

– A character who is stranded on a deserted island and must find a way to survive

– A character who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and must come to terms with their mortality

Person vs society:

– A character who is fighting against a corrupt government or oppressive social system

– A character who is breaking social norms or challenging societal expectations

– A character who is fighting for their rights or the rights of a marginalized group

Person vs self:

– A character who is struggling with an internal conflict, such as self-doubt or guilt

– A character who is battling addiction or mental illness

– A character who is trying to reconcile their own beliefs or values

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