Read The Passage And Decide If The Mood Given Matches It. If Not,…

Read the passage and decide if the mood given matches it. If not, try to give an appropriate mood:

1. Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano finally arrived and the avid fans packed around the car door to have a glimpse of them.

Mood: Excitement
Yes or No?

2. The boy sat down at the corner of her sofa while staring at the broken figurine.

Mood: Happy
Yes or No?

3. The traveller looked at the map while controlling the pounding of his heart while he attempted to find his way in going back to the hotel.

Mood: Worried
Yes or No?

4. The lady is seated down on her lanai couch as she sipped her coffee while looking at her wide and flowery garden.

Mood: Sad
Yes or No?

5. The secretary is looking busy answering phone calls, checking her boss’s scheduled meetings and assisting walk-in applicants.

Mood: Toxic
Yes or No?​


1. yes

2.Mood: Broken and Sad


4. Happy.




2.No-he/she might be sad


4.No-she/he might be happy




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