TEST 2: TRUE Or FALSE: Write TRUE If The Statement Is Correct And…

TEST 2: TRUE or FALSE: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if it is wrong. Write you answer on the space provided for. 1. In an argumentative essay, the reader has to accept the writer’s point of view. 2. An argumentative essay changes the reader’s point of view. 3. In writing an argumentative essay, the writer assumes that the reader agrees with his point of view. 4. An argumentative essay only explains the issue or case. 5. An argumentative essay should be organized. 6. The introduction states the writer’s opinion. 7. The body of the essay only discusses the writer’s counter arguments. 8. The conclusion summarizes the main points of the writer’s arguments. 9. A writer uses a variety of formats in writing. 10 A writer never refutes opposing arguments. 11. Persuasive writing educates the readers. 12. Informative writing influences the reader.​


1-6 true 7-12 false yan na po answer ko

sorry po kung mali


1 true

2 true

3 false

4 true

5 false

6 true

7 true

8 false

9 false

10 true

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