A. TRUE OR FALSE. Write T If The Statement Is Correct And F If It Is…

A. TRUE OR FALSE. Write T if the statement is correct and F if it is false, write on the space provided before the number.

_______1. Blender can be used to model objects, apply textures, animate, operate on camera tracks,
render, and even composite visuals from the start of your project until the end

_______2. The Blender workspace is the area where you interact with the program through keyboard
inputs and mouse clicks.

_______3. When starting Blender, the splash screen appears in the center of the window. It contains
help options under link and the recently open blend-files.

_______4. To reopen the splash click on the Blender icon in the Info Editor header or select Info
Editor. Help – Splash Screen.

_______5. This panel holds tools that can be hidden from view by pressing the (P) on your keyboard.
If you want to reveal it again, press (P). This process is called toggle.

_______6. It displays a list of the items in your scene. It initially loads a camera, a cube, and a lamp.
You use the Outliner to select an object when you cannot find it from the main 3D view

_______7. Blender will have nothing to render without the lump or camera. In order to see modelled
objects on your rendered scene you have to put a light source or camera to it.

_______8. A header strip is placed at the top of the bottom of each window. You can click the first
button depending on what you are doing to change the contents of the header

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_______9. There are three ways to add new objects to your view panel: (1) you can click the Create
tab in the Tool Shelf, (2) you can click the View button from the header strip, or (3) you
can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+0.

________10. To transform objects, you have to make use of manipulators. Blender Manipulators
have arrows that point to three different paths. The red is for the x-axis, the green is
going towards y-axis and the blue points towards the z-axis.​












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