Learning Task 1: Read The Following Questions And Choose The Letter Of The Correct…

Learning Task 1: Read the following questions and choose the letter of the
correct answer. Write your answers in your activity notebook
1. It is a tool to create, modify, combine and optimize digital photos and imagen
to perform changes such as adjusting optimizing digital photos and imagen
a. Instagram b. Adobe Photoshop
c. Flipagram d. Pe Collage
2. It is the recording of the image using a digital camera or a device with
a built-in camera, like your mobile phone, android device, or tablet
a. digital photography
c. digital app
b. editing software
d. digital arts
3. It focuses not so much on the product but on the process.
a. Pic Collage
c. Digital Arts
b. Adobe Photoshop
d. photography
4. It produces a series of images from a single image,
b. Morphing
d. Seriation
5. It is a type of digital camera which automatically makes all the
adjustments in lighting, focus, zoom-in and zoom-out, even removal of
“red eye” with the user being given some leeway for slight adjustments.
d. Point Lens
a. Point and Shoot b. DSLR
c. Pixir
a. Pixel
c. Shoot Point​






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